Dynamic ABS: Core-challenging moves

Dynamic abs exercises engage your core in a unique and challenging way

One example is the 'dead bug' exercise, which involves lying on your back and moving your arms and legs in opposite directions

Another exercise is the 'plank with leg lift', which involves holding a plank position while lifting one leg off the ground

The 'spiderman plank' involves bringing your knee to your elbow while holding a plank position

The 'side plank with twist' involves holding a side plank position and twisting your torso to reach your top arm under your body


The 'bicycle crunch' involves lying on your back and bringing your opposite elbow to your knee while cycling your legs

The 'V-up' involves lying on your back and lifting your legs and upper body off the ground to form a 'V' shape

The 'Russian twist' involves sitting on the ground and twisting your torso while holding a weight or medicine ball

The 'mountain climber' involves bringing your knees to your chest while holding a plank position

Incorporating dynamic abs exercises into your workout routine can help improve core strength and stability

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