Dog Breeds Who Hate The Cold

Basset hound 

Although basset hounds are in our list of the greatest tracking dogs because of their powerful smell and remarkable hunting ability,

They may be stocky, but their small legs, dangly ears, and thin coat don't do well in colder weather.


Dachshunds are similar to Bassets in that they have long bodies and short legs, but they are much smaller and possibly much prettier.


This brachycephalic breed is noted for suffering in harsher temperatures because to their small noses, which make panting more difficult and therefore making it more difficult for them to cool off.

Yorkshire terrier 

Yorkshire terriers may be tiny in stature, but their tenacity and piercing bark more than compensate.


Rather than racing in the snow, you're more likely to find your greyhounds cuddled up by the fire during the winter.


Chihuahuas are not only the smallest dog breed in the world, but they also come from sunny Mexico, where freezing weather and snow are unheard of.


The German Doberman dog breed does not fare well in the cold. Dobermans have single-layer coats and are sensitive to cold temperatures.

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