Dog breeds who bite the most

In 2021, a tally was made of dog attacks throughout history, broken down by breed. 

Attacks: 3,397
Deaths: 295
Statistics support pit bulls' violent image.

Pit Bull

Attacks: 535
Deaths: 8


Attacks: 113
Deaths: 15
German Shepherds are active and protective.

German Shepherd

Attacks: 111
Deaths: 18
Like Pit Bulls, Presa Canarios targets youngsters and adults equally.

Presa Canario

Attacks: 85
Deaths: 19
Hybrid dogs are less tamed.

Wolf-Dog Hybrids

Pitbull Deaths

Pit Bulls kill 65% of US dog bite victims. Pit Bulls' "locking jaw" is a myth.

Unsocialized, high-energy dogs bite most. Aggressive breeds bite.

Dogs Most Likely to Bite

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