Bernese Mountain Dog

Originally found on Swiss farms as a working breed. Due to their well-balanced temperament, these gentle canines now function well with families and kids.

French Bulldog

Other than a few short walks, Frenchies do not need a great deal of exercise. Likewise, they do not bark by nature.


The English form of the bulldog is same. They are quite laid-back, sociable with other animals and humans, like lying down, and seldom bark.


When these dogs do decide to bark, they create weird sounds that like a Tyrolean chant - a really unusual sound!


When they begin to run, these greyhound-like canines can achieve speeds of up to 64 kilometres per hour! Obviously, they are not in any way noisy.

Their moderate energy levels allow them to enjoy a vigorous gallop in the open air followed by a lengthy snooze.

Scottish Hound

Wheatens do not normally bark, but will do so when required, often to announce their presence. They have a kind disposition and like lengthy walks immensely.

Active and intelligent, Australian Sheepdogs as a breed originated mostly in the United States, but are increasingly seen in Europe.

Australian Sheepdog

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