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 Peach Cobbler

When desiring something sweet but don't want to cook a lot, this quick peach cobbler recipe for one is excellent.

Mug carrot cake

Enjoy this yummy, simple carrot mug cake! This tasty snack is ready in minutes.

Pavlova nests

Mini pavlova nests are sweet. These airy little pastries are great for any occasion.


Chocolate Mugcake

If you want something sweet but don't have time to bake, try a microwave chocolate cup cake. Enjoy a warm, gooey single-serving delight in minutes.

Cinnamon Rolls

Try these small-batch cinnamon buns for a pleasant breakfast. Simple materials and minimum work make the individual sweet buns.

Vegan Cookie

Finding healthy vegan treats is difficult. This nutritious single-serve cookie recipe is excellent for anybody seeking a healthier cookie.

Serve Apple Pie

This single-serve apple pie is delicious with a flaky shell and sweet filling! It's simple to make, too.

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