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Delicious Memorial Day Desserts

Blue-Ribbon Red Velvet Cake

This red velvet cake received a blue medal at the Alaska State Fair and will be a hit at your Memorial Day BBQ or picnic. Its chocolate flavor is great.

Grilled Angel Food Cake with Strawberries

This angel food cake is flavorful thanks to white balsamic vinegar. Combine fresh fruit with blueberry or strawberry syrup for a patriotic effect.

Strawberry-Pretzel Jars

Sweet, flavorful, and creamy, these charming little make-ahead sweets are portable. Potlucks and picnics love them!

Blueberry Pie 

A simple pie showcases fresh blueberries best. This requires genuine whipped cream.

Patriotic Pizza

A butter crust, sweetened cream cheese, and fresh fruit make your stars and stripes (or Canadian maple leaf). Summer salutation!


Red, White, and Blue Dessert

This Memorial Day or Fourth of July tiered dessert honors Old Glory. Use fresh fruit if you want a noticeable result.

Berry Dream cake

Poke holes in a cooked cake and pour warm liquid gelatin on top for a berry-fun Memorial Day cake. It marbles fruity when refrigerated.

Berry-Patch Brownie Pizza

A sweet cream cheese topping and fresh fruit make boxed brownie mix patriotic. It's rich and easy to create.

Easy Berry Cheesecake Parfaits

Make cheesecake simpler while retaining its flavor. These parfaits include fresh berries, graham cracker crunch, and luscious creaminess.

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