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Cycling Routines That Burn Belly Fat


Alternate between hard pedaling bursts and brief recoveries. This workout boosts metabolism and burns tummy fat.

Long Ride

 Plan moderate-intensity rides to burn fat. For maximum fat burning, bike for at least 60 minutes.

Hill Repeats

Climb a steep hill several times. Hill workouts burn calories and belly fat by working your core, particularly your abs.

Sprint intervals

On a straight road or stationary bike, sprint at full speed for 20–30 seconds followed by lengthier rest periods. Sprint intervals raise heart rate and burn fat.


Indoor riding Classes

Try a spinning class or a structured online riding platform. Interval training and cycling simulations make these programs a complete fat-burning exercise.

Tabata Cycling

20 seconds of vigorous cycling followed by 10 seconds of rest, done numerous times. This high-intensity workout burns fat and calories.

Fartlek training

Swedish "speed play." Change intensity and duration. Sprint 30 seconds, moderately cycle 1 minute, and rest 2 minutes. This exercise burns fat.


Ride at a fast, regulated cadence for a while, then slow down. Spin-ups improve cardio, core strength, and belly fat.

Cross-training with cycling

Combine riding with strength training, yoga, or Pilates. Core and body strength improve cycling performance and reduce belly fat.

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