Chinese Zodiac Elements for each zodiac sign

Chinese zodiac elements?

The Chinese zodiac has five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

This instruction is focused on achieving equilibrium and accepting the process.

Chinese zodiac elements mean?

Remember that each component is only one piece of the puzzle (which also includes the zodiac sign for each year).

1. Wood: Grounded Visionaries

People born during the year of the wood are patient, sympathetic, and empathetic.

2. Fire: Thrill Chasers

These individuals are not just inventive and tenacious, but also passionately enthusiastic about life.

3. Earth: Contemplative Mediators

Even in the midst of a storm, humans on Earth maintain composure.

4. Metal: Driven Ice Queens

Whether you like them or despise them, those born during the metal era always get the job done.

5. Water: Introspective Artists

People born during water years are often sensitive and introspective, requiring a great deal of time for introspection.

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