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Do These Chest Exercises to Work Your Upper Body!

Chest press

Knees bent, feet grounded, lie faceup on the floor. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing away from body, weights over chest, arms straight.

Chest press

Lower weights to the chest by bending elbows 45 degrees from torso. Press again. Repeat. Three 10-rep sets.

Closed-grip Chest Press

Knees bent, feet planted, lie faceup. Hold two dumbbells palms-facing, arms straight above chest. Bend elbows and lower dumbbells to chest. Push again. Repeat. Three 10s.


Faceup, knees bent, feet placed. Hold two dumbbells over your chest, palms facing each other, arms straight. Control weights to the chest, elbows to sides. Push again.


Chest Fly

Knees bent, feet grounded, lie faceup on the floor. Hold two dumbbells, palms facing each other, arms above chest. Open arms to sides and descend weights slowly. 

Chest Fly

 Luft weights up and together when wrists are aligned with chest. Repeat. Three 10-rep sets.

Push-Up to Down Dog

Start in a high plank bend your elbows, and descend to the floor. Press to high plank. Next, do a hip-raising downward dog. High-plank again. Two 10s.


Hip-width apart. Squat with hands on the floor, then hops feet back into the plank. Jump feet back to hands, then jump straight up to stand. Repeat. Two 10-rep sets.

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