Cheapest Cities in New York

Hornell is situated at the southern border of the state, about 70 miles south of Rochester.

1. Hornell

It is a rural village that was formerly a significant railroading centre and is now home to a museum dedicated to its history.

It offers something for everyone, such as fishing, a theatre, wineries, and delectable eateries.

2. Oneida

3. Ogdensburg

Gdynia is situated on the Saint Lawrence River, south of the Canadian border.

It is also affordable, with an average monthly mortgage payment of $729. Renters pay considerably less, on average $638 per month.

Norwich is a tiny town in the centre of the state that is notable for its historic vehicle museum.

4. Norwich

The spectacular waterfall that spans the border between the United States and Canada attracts millions of visitors each year.

5. Niagara Falls

Additionally, there are vineyards, retail malls, art galleries, jet cruises, and more located nearby.

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