California's Top Destinations

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Big Bear Lake

You'll be greeted to picturesque mountain scenery and plenty of outdoor adventures whenever you choose to visit this rough alpine hamlet, which is situated about 80 miles northwest of Palm Springs.


Many people have made this classic California beach town their home, from celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Miley Cyrus to cultural icons (like Barbie), and it's simple to understand why.

Big Sur

The breathtaking beauty in this breathtaking location on the Pacific Ocean's edge is known for lulling visitors into a state of trance.

Half Moon Bay

Visit Half Moon Bay, a little seaside community about 30 miles south of San Francisco, for a peaceful escape from the metropolis.

Laguna Beach

If you're searching for a Southern California small-town experience, Laguna Beach is the ideal location.

Napa Valley

One of the world's top wine regions is Napa Valley, which is renowned for its powerful cabernet sauvignon. A significant luxury hotspot, too.

Los Angeles

While the city's notorious bumper-to-bumper traffic will undoubtedly be an issue throughout your visit, the knowledge that iconic hotspots like Hollywood and Beverly Hills are close by will make you ecstatic.


A welcome escape from the bustle of San Francisco, Sausalito can be found by crossing the Golden Gate Bridge to the north.

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