Big Advantages and Weaknesses Related to Your Zodiac Sign

According to astrology, your birthplace, date, and time all have significant bearing on your character.


Aries Weaknesses: As an Aries, you tend to get very angry very quickly.

Aries Strengths: As an Aries, you don't give up. You are naturally driven, and you don't need much encouragement to go after your goals.


Taurus Weaknesses: As a Taurus, it can be hard for you to find a middle ground with other people.

Taurus Strengths: As a Taurus, you will do more for the people you care about.


Cancer Strengths: You are a creative person, Cancer. You have a golden heart.

Cancer Weaknesses: Sometimes you can be too emotional, which means you let your feelings ruin your life.


Leo Weaknesses: As a Leo, you can come across as being arrogant to others. 

Leo Strengths: As a Leo, you are born to be in charge.


Virgo Weaknesses: As a Leo, you are born to be in charge.

Virgo Strengths: As a Leo, you are born to be in charge.


Libra Weaknesses: You hate talking to people about anything, and you also hate being talked to.

Libra Strengths: People are drawn to you because of how happy and bubbly you are and how comforting and caring you are.


Scorpio Weaknesses: People find it hard to trust you because you always have a different reason for doing something.

Scorpio Strengths: You are a good friend because you are a Scorpio. People who know you well will tell you that's true.

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