Best National Parks in the World


The park's trails are equally as impressive as Zion Canyon, which draws most tourists to Utah's first national park.

Torres del Paine

While penguins, pumas, and whales may be seen here, the scenery is the real attraction.

Grand Teton

Grand Teton National Park is a not-so-hidden jewel that is frequently disregarded in favour of its northern cousin, Yellowstone.


One of the wildlife parks on the continent that welcomes the most visitors is South Africa's famous Kruger National Park.

"Masai Mara"

One of the most well-known safari parks in all of Africa is Masai Mara National Reserve, which is situated just north of Serengeti National Park.


Sagarmatha National Park in eastern Nepal's Himalayas is distinguished by dramatic mountains, expansive valleys, and magnificent glaciers.


In fact, there are more than 2,000 natural arches in this eastern Utah national park, as the name of the place suggests.

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