Best 8 Pastries from Coffee Shops

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Banana Bread

This pastry's taste divides people. Banana is tasty, but it doesn't go with coffee. Banana bread and iced vanilla latte? No thanks! Coffee-approved pastries please.

Bear Claw

donut-danish hybrids. Even at speciality coffee shops, it probably sells less than muffins and croissants. Almond filling pairs beautifully with coffee!

Cheese Danish

Cafe cheese danishes are great. Coffee is a top five pastry. White chocolate mochas and caramel macchiatos spoil sweet cheese danishes. This dessert needs regular coffee.

Cinnamon Roll

Thick, sticky cinnamon buns are sugary. The treat: Not my light morning pastry. Not a croissant, it's dense dough. Eat your favorite pastry for morning!


Blueberry Scone

 sweet flavour complements coffee. Blueberry scones have fresh, tasty centers. These Gossip Girl-inspired scones are amazing. A drawback? Not everyone likes dry, crumbly texture.

Choco Croissant

Chocolate croissants enhance any coffee: Vanilla latte, chocolate croissant? Yes. Mocha and chocolate croissant? Yes. Need we continue? Chocolate-haters should avoid this pastry.

Pumpkin Muffin

Pumpkin muffins rule coffee shops in autumn. Simple, cream cheese (Starbucks), or brown sugar crumb are popular. We'd adore these muffins year-round

Coffee Cake

Simply titled. What dessert possibly top coffee cake? Cinnamon and brown sugar enhance coffee cakes. Coffee cafe classic. We adore morning cakes!

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