Alcoholic Beverage: According to your horoscope

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#1. Libra:  Rum

You place a high value on ease and comfort, so it stands to reason that you would desire an alcoholic beverage that is similarly laid back. When throwing a home party or going out with pals to a hip pub, rum is the drink of choice.

#2. Scorpio:  Scotch

Although the outside of you is very cool and calm, the inside is real and profound. Scotch is the ideal beverage for this attitude! It looks calm and cool but gives the impression that anyone can accomplish anything, just like you!

#3. Sagittarius:  Champagne

Since that you are one of the most beautiful signs, it seems fitting that your preferred alcoholic beverage would be just like you!

#4. Capricorn:  Wine

Capricorn, you exude an incredibly refined atmosphere. Wine is the greatest choice for you since you ooze elegance and maturity,

#5. Aquarius:  Absinthe

You enjoy having crazy nights that you can't recall or forget! You know how to make an impact exactly like this sort of booze even if you are a pure newbie to consuming alcohol.

#6. Pisces:  Jagermeister

You enjoy shocking people. You are sweetness, spice, and everything pleasant, just like the Jagermeister, and you can go from being a pushover and being a jerk with ease. 

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