A Veterinarian's Top 5 Dog Breeds

People who own pugs and dachshunds may still be upset about a recent TikTok post by an English vet named Ben Simpson-Vernon.


Simpson-Vernon says, "The long, skinny greyhound may not look very cuddly, but they are really gentle dogs, and so many of them need homes when their racing careers are over."

He does say that this breed is known for having bad teeth, so he tells people who are interested to pay extra attention to a greyhound's teeth.

Border terrier

The vet says that if he wanted to adopt a small dog, he would choose the scruffy little border terrier.

Hungarian wire-haired vizsla

The wire-haired Hungarian vizsla is a medium-sized dog that not everyone knows about, but it was on the list the vet gave out.


If you saw this coming, you can bark: Simpson-top Vernon's pick is a mixed-breed dog he calls a "mongrel," which he admits is not a real breed.

Labrador retriever

Few people will be surprised that the ever-popular labrador made Simpson-Vernon's list.

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