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9 Fitness Habits Beginners Should Work Toward


One of the best low-impact exercises is walking. Walk faster and further over time. When you're ready, try interval training or hill workouts


Start with a brisk walk or light jog and increase the pace and distance to jog. In order to run further distances, you must first build up your endurance.


Running: Start with jogging, then add brief runs. As your stamina and endurance develop, you can step up the pace and distance of your runs.


Pull-ups, aided pull-ups, lat pull-downs, and inverted rows will strengthen your upper body. As you strengthen, try pull-ups without a spotter.



Do push-ups with your knees on the ground to develop your upper body. Slowly work up to your goal of doing a set number of push-ups on a regular basis.


 Focus on technique and range of motion with bodyweight squats. When you're ready, move on to barbell or dumbbell squats with weights.

Dead Hang

Hang from a pull-up bar in a dead hang position to strengthen your grip and upper body. The time period should be lengthened gradually.

Strength Training

Resistance training with bands, free weights, or machines can be added as you advance for targeted muscle areas. Learn correct form and build up in intensity and weight gradually.

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