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Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks work all your important muscles. A full-body aerobic and warm-up routine. Jumping jacks are a plyometric workout.


 finishing exercises with 3 minutes of burpees (attempt 30 reps) to burn more calories throughout the day. At the intermediate level, do 100-150 burpees quickly.

Mount climbers

it complete a shoulder-width plank. Straighten your body by engaging your core. Lift your right knee to your chest before placing your right foot. Left knee repetition alternates.


Rope Jumps 

Jumping constantly boosts your heart rate and respiratory rate because functioning muscles need more blood and oxygen.


Skaters are lateral jumps that increase heart rate, leg strength, and balance. This workout generally strengthens the quadriceps and glutes.


Squats are strength training. They strengthen the lower body through resistance. They can overlap with cardio if done properly.


Jogging is a great aerobic workout. Running daily for 10 minutes reduces cardiovascular disease risk. Running halves heart disease mortality.

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