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8 yoga poses for beginners

Easy Pose

Sukhasana—easy pose—is a sitting yoga asana. Easy posture opens the hips and aligns the spine, making it suited for all yogis, including novices.


gently stretches and warms your spine. Breath-synchronized stance benefits body and mind. This basic stance boosts brainpower, coordination, and mental stability.

Mountain Pose

Avoid this pose's simplicity. No standing! This core standing pose is aligned and tranquil. Legs and posture improve. Mountain stance supports other standing positions. It's worth it!

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Start this stance on all fours. This position strengthens arms and shoulders and extends the back. Yoga courses employ this energizing stance. Balance your weight.


Child's Pose

This position rejuvenates. Yoga involves resting. Child's Pose. Finding the right variation makes this position pleasant. Our position changes.

Cobra Pose

Another yoga position. Gentle backbends open the chest. It energizes and gently strengthens the upper body.

Staff Pose

This stance leads to sitting. Strong and confident in this position can support your sitting poses. Here, strengthen your core and back.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

It teaches yoga twists. Leg lengthening. It reduces back discomfort and increases spine mobility. If your back is rounded, sit with your hips up to lengthen your spine.

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