8 Weight-Loss Swimming Workouts

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Interval Training

Swim hard for a predetermined distance or time, then rest. Swim four laps quickly, then rest for 30 seconds. Repetition is required.

Pyramid Sets

Start with one lap (down and back) and increase one lap every set until you reach a distance (e.g., 5 laps). Each set, cut one lap. 15–30 seconds.

Tabata intervals

Swim hard for 20 seconds, and rest for 10. Cycle for 4 minutes. You may change strokes or intensity every 20 seconds.

Endurance Swim

Swim at a moderate intensity for a set duration or distance. As fitness increases, progressively increase distance or duration.


Sprint Sets

Swim for short lengths at full pace (e.g., one lap) with extended rest intervals (1-2 minutes). Repetition is required.

Kickboard Workout

 Strengthen lower body and cardio using a kickboard. Flutter or dolphin kick across the pool for a given distance or duration.

Pulling Sets

Strengthen upper body endurance using a pull buoy or hand paddles. Arm-only swimming engages your back and core. Perform sets with brief rest intervals.

Water Aerobics Circuit

 Do jumping jacks, high knees, and treading water in a circuit-style workout. Perform each exercise for a certain time or number of repetitions before moving on.

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