8 wall-based Full body stretches

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Hands elevated spine segmentation

Face a wall and go as low as possible, parallel to the ground. Exhale as you press your stomach into the floor and curl your spine inward.

Thoracic rotations

Face the wall and bend down to be parallel to the floor. Hand, ankle. Look up at the ceiling over your left shoulder. Start again.

Chest-to-wall extension

face the wall and take two steps backwards. Push your hands and chest up the wall in front of you. Repeat with your hands. Half-kneeling chest stretch

Couch stretch

kneel with your back against the wall and lunge forward with your right leg. Lean your left leg on the wall with your toes pointed up. Hold, then switch sides.


 chest stretch

Kneel to the wall, bend your closest arm at a 90-degree angle with your hand pointing upwards, pull it behind you, and lean it on the wall. Straddle the wall

Legs up the wall hold

lie flat on the wall. Continue flexing and pointing your feet.


put your feet against the wall and bend your legs 90 degrees. Put your hands on the inside of your knees, push them outward, and hold.


put your feet against the wall and bend your legs 90 degrees. Place your right foot over your left knee. Hold, then switch sides.

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