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8 Tips for a Better Running Stride 

Maintain good posture

Keep a straight back and a modest forward tilt from the ankles to maintain proper posture. Avoid slouching and leaning forward or backward.

Increase cadence

Boost your cadence by encouraging a quicker foot turnover. Try 180 steps per minute. Shorter strides lessen joint stress and enhance efficiency.

Land midfoot

 Avoid landing on your heels or toes. This improves energy transmission and reduces overstriding.

Avoid overstriding

Landing too far in front of your body might increase injury risk. Instead, take shorter strides to land closer to your center of mass.


Engage your core

 Core strength improves stability and running alignment. Include planks, bridges, and Russian twists.

Increase hip flexibility

For a longer, more powerful stride, it is recommended that you work on increasing your hip flexibility. Leg swings and hip circles relax hip joints.

Strength training

Squats, lunges, and calf raises can enhance your running stride and performance.

Running drills

To improve running form, practice drills. High knees, butt kicks, and strides enhance stride length and efficiency.

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