Blue-headed Parrot

Blue-headed parrots have established a reputation as among of the nicest companion birds due to their attractive appearance and kind demeanour.


Pigeons are globally regarded as symbols of peace and affection, therefore it should come as no surprise that they are among the gentlest bird species.


Budgies are another excellent option for individuals seeking a really gentle, kind feathery companion.

 Blue Macaw

Despite being the biggest macaw, the hyacinth macaw's pleasant disposition makes it one of our favourites.


Finches are relatively delicate small birds, so their carers must use caution. In most circumstances, it is recommended not to handle finches.

Eclectic Parrot

These birds are socialised more effectively by their caretakers and may even get envious if they feel neglected.

Rose-fronted Parakeet

Roseate budgerigars are often peaceful, well-mannered companion birds, particularly when hand-fed as young.


Cockatoos have long been favoured as companion birds due to their friendly and docile nature.

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