8 Best Shoulder Exercises for Building 3D Shoulders

The first exercise is the standing military press, which targets the entire shoulder complex.

The second exercise is the seated dumbbell press, which allows for greater range of motion and isolation of the shoulders.

The third exercise is the Arnold press, which involves rotating the shoulders during the press for added muscle activation.

The fourth exercise is the lateral raise, which targets the side delts and helps create a wider appearance.

The fifth exercise is the front raise, which targets the front delts and helps create a more defined look.


The sixth exercise is the rear delt fly, which targets the rear delts and helps improve posture.

The seventh exercise is the upright row, which targets the traps and upper back as well as the shoulders.

The eighth exercise is the push press, which involves using the legs to help drive the weight overhead for added power and strength.

It is important to vary your shoulder exercises and use proper form to avoid injury.

Incorporating these exercises into your strength training routine can help you build strong and defined shoulders.

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