8 Best Exercises for Arm Muscle Strength

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Bicep Curl

Holding weights, stand shoulder-width apart. Starting with weights at thighs, palms facing front, elbows glued to hips, raise weights toward shoulders. Release to begin. Repeat.

Hammer Curl

Stand shoulder-width apart with weights in each hand. Lift the weights to your shoulders with inward-facing hands and elbows pressed to your body. Repeat release.

Wide Curl

Stand with shoulders apart, arms at your sides, and a weight in each hand. Face the corners. Dumbbells to shoulders with elbows pressed to body. Repeat release.

Tricep Extension

Hold two dumbbells hip-width apart. Palms in. Kneel forward. Stretch your forearms behind you until they are parallel to the floor, then relax. Repeat.


Overhead Tricep Extension

Hip-width dumbbells. Raise the dumbbells. Face palm. Start with raising one dumbbell above. Lower your arms slowly. As above.

Tricep Dip

Sit on a stable chair or bench, hands on the seat, shoulders apart, and fingers pointing forward. Over ankles. Straighten up. Let go. Bench/chair press.

Shoulder/Military Press

Arms at side, feet hip-width apart, dumbbells. Lift the dumbbells over your shoulders with palms facing front and elbows bent at about 90 degrees. Push weights overhead. again.

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