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8 Best Cardio Exercises for Belly Fat 


Running is a high-impact aerobic workout that works numerous muscle groups. It helps lose abdominal fat by burning a lot of calories.


HIIT alternates intense activity with shorter rest intervals. This workout effectively burns calories and fat, particularly belly fat.


Indoor or outdoor, this low-impact activity is great for cardio. It reduces abdominal fat and targets lower body muscles.

Jumping rope

 A simple yet efficient cardio workout, jumping rope may be done practically anyplace. It burns more calories and works the core, reducing belly fat.



Low-impact, full-body swimming burns calories and offers resistance. It reduces abdominal fat and improves cardiovascular endurance by using numerous muscle groups.


Rowing is an excellent full-body exercise that works your arms, legs, and abdominals. It's a great aerobic workout for belly fat loss.

Stair climbing 

Stair climbing engages the lower body and raises heart rate. It burns calories, strengthens legs, and reduces belly fat.


Punching, kicking, and shadowboxing are full-body aerobic workouts. They burn calories, enhance coordination, and reduce tummy fat.

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