7 Signs You're Addicted to Sugar in a Very Dangerous Way

People say it's like a prison because it always keeps their minds busy and makes them feel guilty and tired.

The World Health Organization put out a report that said the amount of sugar in the world is going down.

When most people hear about people who eat a lot of sugary foods, they may think that the answer is as simple as telling them to "stop eating sugar."

1. Always think about ways to incorporate sugar into meals and snacks

2. Not feeling full after meals that aren't sweet

3. Constantly being told to eat certain foods or packaged goods that are high in sugar

4. Eating just one sugary food makes you lose control of how much you eat, which can lead to bingeing.

5. Having "waves" of sugar cravings that last more than a day or stretch over several days

6. Using sugary foods over and over to deal with feeling sad, lonely, or alone

7. Not enjoying normal things like socialising, working out, having sex, or having fun when they don't involve sugar.

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