7 Exercises That Hurt Your Arms After 50

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Traditional pushups

Pushups work chest, shoulders, and triceps. They strain wrists, which might harm over-50s. Shoulder injuries may exacerbate pain. Some 50-year-olds can perform pushups.

Bench presses

Another chest-building activity is the bench press. Like pushups, it might be difficult for anyone with shoulder or wrist difficulties.

Barbell bicep curls

Almost any muscle-building plan will include bicep curls, a basic arm-strengthening exercise. Barbells can strain the elbow.

tricep dips

Shoulder and wrist pain are common side effects of triceps dips. Mistakes can also cause harm. Older clients should avoid them.


Barbell overhead presses

The barbell overhead press is a wonderful upper-body workout, but if you lose control, it can injure your shoulders and neck. Many people find sitting dumbbell presses safe.


Older customers avoid pull-ups, which build upper-body strength but are challenging. This weakens lats and limits overhead strength, causing back pain and making overhead reaching dangerous.

Skull Crushers

Skull crushers work triceps but hurt the neck, elbows, and shoulders. Additionally, holding the weight above your face might be risky.

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