7 days weight loss cycling workout

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1.  Endurance Ride

It will take 45 minutes—cycling at Moderate intensity. Try to keep a constant speed as you go.

2. Hill Intervals

It will take 30 minutes. HIIT cycling workout.  Use a stationary bike or a path to imitate hill climbing. Use intervals of high intensity followed by lower-intensity rest intervals.

3. Active Recovery

It will take 30 minutes. Moderately DemandingTry going for a short, easy ride to help your body relax and increase circulation without too much effort.

4. Speed Intervals

This will take 40 minutes. High intensityUse vigorous bursts of work interspersed with active rest times. Interval training should be done continuously.


5. Long Ride

One hour's worth of time. Moderate in intensityKeep your pace relaxed and steady for a long time. You can burn calories and work on your endurance with this ride.

6. Strength Training

Intensity: Medium-HighUse a stationary bike with resistance or bodyweight activities to imitate uphill climbs. Alternate strength and cycling intervals.

7. Rest Day

Put an end to your strenuous exercise routine and give your body a chance to heal. Preventing injuries and performing at peak levels both require enough rest.

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