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Beginners' 7-day weight loss swimming exercise

Freestyle Endurance

Freestyle endurance is the ability to swim continuously at a steady pace. It requires cardiovascular fitness, stroke efficiency, and endurance to swim longer distances.

Interval training

Interval training mixes high-intensity exercise with rest or lower-intensity activity. Intense intervals and recovery improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance.


Kick and pull

Swimming separates muscular groups. Kickboards improve swimmers' lower bodies during kick-only swimming. Swimmers use a pull buoy to improve technique in the pull-only phase.

Technique focus

 concentration includes focusing on key methods during a practice. Focus on posture, arm extension, breathing, kick, or other changes to improve water efficiency and stroke mechanics.


Swimming pyramid

Pyramid sets vary interval distance and intensity. Swimming 50m, 100m, 150m, etc., and then reversing the sequence. It enhances mental toughness, endurance, and workout variety.

Active recuperation

Low-intensity exercise is post-workout active recuperation. swimming enhances blood circulation, minimizes muscular soreness, and promotes recovery without stress or strain.

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