7 Best Home Weight Loss Exercises

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Aerobic Exercises

Swimming, lawnmowing, and brisk walking are modest cardio exercises. Running is aerobic. Strength training employs weight machines, body weight, resistance tubing, or rock climbing.

Skipping or Jumping Rope

Rope leaping burns more than one-arm skipping. Jumping rope burns more calories than jumping jacks (10-12 per minute vs. 8).


Planks build abs. Most people burn 2–5 calories each minute. Planks build muscle and metabolism, which increases resting calorie burn.

Push-ups and pull-ups

are terrific ways to burn calories and develop muscle. Even daily push-ups don't burn enough calories to reduce weight. Push-ups also don't build muscle.



Squats burn more calories than treadmilling for an hour. Squats burnt 35 calories per minute, the highest of any workout studied, according to a study.


Lunges burn fat and build muscle. Push yourself and add lunges in a high-intensity exercise with heavyweights. This workout builds balance, stability, and coordination with single-leg motions. 


 Yoga, a 5000-year-old discipline, helps lose weight. Exercise, Diet, Breathing, Relaxation, and Meditation are its five pillars, created by Rishis and Brahmans.

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