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7 Back-Strengthening Exercises


Deadlifts work the lower back, upper back, and glutes. They strengthen the posterior chain. As your form improves, add weight.


Pull-ups target latissimus dorsi ("lats") and rhomboids. Shoulders and biceps. If you can't pull-up, use a machine or bands.

Bent-over Rows

This workout targets trapezius and rhomboids. Hold a barbell or dumbbell overhand, lean forward at the waist, and bring the weights to your chest with a straight back.


Reverse Flyes

 target posterior deltoids, rhomboids, and upper back. Dumbbells in each hand, feet shoulder-width apart, bend forward at the hips. Raise your arms and tighten your shoulders.

Superman Exercise

Lay facedown with arms outstretched. Align your head, spine, and arms, chest, and legs. Pause and lower. Superman strengthens lower backs.

Bird Dog

All fours with hands behind shoulders and knees below hips. Leg, arm. Straighten up. Start again. Bird dog strengthens lower back and core.

Bridge Pose

Flat feet, bowed knees. Hands down. Raising your hips aligns your shoulders and knees. After several seconds, softly drop your hips. Bridge works glutes, hamstrings, and back.

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