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6-move dumbbell workout requires no gym

Overhead reverse lunge

Stand shoulder-width apart on an exercise mat. Hold a dumbbell over your head and step back on your left leg into a reverse lunge. 

Overhead reverse lunge

Press your belly button into your spine. After the backward lunge, lift your leg. Lunge when your knee hits the ground. 

Alternating squat to snatch

Start this exercise with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and a dumbbell between them. Squat down, press your glutes back,

Alternating squat to snatch

grip the weight with one hand, and snatch it overhead as you rise. As you squat, drop the weight and swap arms. 


Deadlift to wide row

Bend your knees and hips to deadlift two dumbbells. Deadlifting form. At the bottom, squeeze your shoulder blades and complete a broad row. Drive back. 

Plank to straddle squat

Drop two dumbbells and bounce into a high plank with your abs engaged. Ideal head-heel alignment. After a few seconds, leap back and do a dumbbell straddle squat. 

Biceps curl

Stand tall with a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing front, feet hip-width apart. Side arms. Exhale and bend elbows to shoulder weights. While descending, inhale.

Squat to shoulder press

Start with a dumbbell on each shoulder and feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Squat with your core. Shoulder press both dumbbells. 

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