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6 High-Calorie Workouts to Lose Weight Fast


Swimming is full-body. It burns calories and creates lean muscle, according to some. Research confirms its weight loss benefits.


Breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle burn calories.  Strokes burn 367 to 404 calories in 30 minutes. Muscle-building resistance training burns fat.


Rock climbing is a great exercise and entertaining activity. Either climbing in a gym or outdoors with a licensed expert is a difficult and satisfying workout. 


Zumba is a fun weight-loss group activity. It's not a "sport" but an aerobic high-intensity exercise that combines precise motions with a group of like-minded dancers.


Zumba decreases body fat and weight. Zumba burns 500–800 calories per hour. Dancers expend calories depending on age, genetics, and intensity, but exercising hard will provide results rapidly. 



Competitive basketball loses weight. Harvard Health Publishing estimates 155-pound athletes burn 288 calories in 30 minutes. Bigger people burn more calories during exercise. 

flag football

Virtua Health recommends flag football, another active team sport. Team huddles give relaxation, but the activity requires intense muscular exertion and minimal contact.

flag football

Flag football has two 20-minute halves. 150-pound flag footballers expend 363 calories. 200-pounders burn 484 calories, 250-pounders 605.


 Cycling increases fitness, insulin sensitivity, heart disease, cancer, and mortality. Weight and exertion determine cyclists' 30-minute calorie burn. This workout works at any pace.

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