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50-Plus Layered Bob Hairstyles

 Short-Layered Texture

 For women who want a simple, beautiful hairdo, this is it. Your cheek has breathing room, and your forehead hair doesn't block your eyes.

Shaggy Mullet Layered Bob

The bob finishes just above the neck at the back and gradually becomes shorter to the chin, giving the chin some space.

Beveled Bob Haircut

All women can wear this layered bob. Thin texture with curled edges. The front ends just below the chin and is consistent to the neck.


 Thin Gray Layered Bob

This bob updates gray hairstyles for 50+ women. Like the previous one, it's best for women who prefer simple hairstyles. It's not a medium-length bob, but the edges hit the neck.

Modern Layered Bob

The curving bob covers part of the forehead and falls just below the chin. Older women who want to seem educated and beautiful would love this haircut.

Colored Bob

This colorful bob might enhance your look. Unique style can transform the golden blonde. The rear reaches the neck, and the front curls inward to let your cheek glow.

Twenty-layered Bob

 Its like a straight bob, but the edges are curved to fit. The back hair stops just before the neck and spreads forward to the sides just below the chin. Elegant 50+ women love it.

Curly-Wavy Layered Bob

This bob has texture, color, and more. The room will stare at this thick curly bob. Gray and brunette combs suit every woman.

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