5 reasons your wife is cheating on you

For women, it’s about emotional discovery.

when she is looking inside herself for something she cannot find with her main partner.

Susan Shapiro Barash is knowledgeable about affairs. The reporter has been doing study on what causes women to cheat for over 30 years.

"They will look at their spouse and say, 'I've been having an affair due to my unhappiness.

An affair isn’t (necessarily) a precursor to divorce.

Barash asserts that women are more prone to go deeply into an emotional affair.

An emotional affair can be just as ‘real’ as a physical one

Open marriage acceptance hasn’t decreased the desire for an affair.

According to Barash, the majority of women she questioned kept their marriages and relationships private.

Barash comments, "I have no idea who would purchase this book in France."

The way Americans have affairs is unique

"In certain countries, affairs are profoundly ingrained, but in America, our cultural message and how we adhere to it is that the wedding is the fairy tale."

Barash warns that many situations may take on a life of their own.

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