5 Knee-Harming Workouts to Avoid After 50

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High-impact cardio

Running, jumping jacks, and HIIT workouts can strain the knees. Constantly being subjected to the shock of impact and landing can be physically damaging. 

High-impact cardio

You may go for brisk walking, cycling, swimming, or the elliptical machine, all of which are low-impact options.

Deep knee bends or complete squats

These exercises exert a lot of pressure on the knees. These motions may be particularly bothersome for those who already have knee pain. 

Deep knee bends or complete squats

You should try doing half squats or squats with a reduced range of motion, such as while sitting on a chair.


Lunges with high weights

Lunges strengthen the lower body, but using large weights or bad technique can strain the knees.

Lunges with high weights

In its place, you should work on controlling your movement and maintaining good posture while practicing lunges with low weights or just your body weight.

hefty leg presses

Knees often struggle with hefty leg pushes. This workout might strain the knees. Consider weight loss, seat adjustment, or leg extensions or sitting leg curls.


These full-body, high-intensity workouts include jumping and landing in a deep squat. These motions can injure knees. Instead, try step-ups or modified burpees without leaping.

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