5 Effective Women's Ab Exercises

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1. Planks

Planks begin with hands under shoulders and feet hip-width apart with heels pressing back. On your toes. Pull your core inside and align your hips and shoulders.

1. Planks

 Hold the plank for 30 seconds, breathing into your ribcage and out through your lips to engage your core.

2. Mountain Climbers

Mountaineers follow. Bring one knee to your chest, then back, in a straight-arm plank. "Running" with alternate legs. Great cardio and abdominal exercise.

3. Plank-to-Downward Dog Ankle Taps

Start in a plank with your feet wider than hip-width apart. Push your hips up to form a downward-facing dog.


Raise your abdomen and touch your right ankle with your left hand. Plank again. Right hand on left ankle, repeat downward dog. Swap arms and ankles.

4. Leg raises

Leg lifts require lying on your back with both hands beneath your buttocks. Fully raise your legs over your hips.

4. Leg raises

Take a deep breath and slowly drop your legs to one inch above the mat. Maintain straight legs. Exhale and lift your legs over your hips.

5. Alternating Jack Knives

Face-up with straight legs. Reach high. Raise your right hand, body, and left leg. Back off. Repeat left hand and right leg. 1 rep. Slow down. Don't drop.

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