4 Zodiac Signs Make Great Writers

You might call me pompous, but I am hopelessly, crazily, and passionately in love with the written word and language in general.


If you've ever known a Gemini, you're familiar with their uncanny ability to say just the perfect thing at the precise moment it's needed.

Because Mercury rules Gemini, information travels both ways.


It's likely a Virgo. A Virgo always has a scholarly mind and natural social intelligence.


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules Libra, and their expressions are always infused with Venusian elegance.

This zodiac sign is composed of cardinal air, which signifies that they are an intellectual and communicative force.


Pisces has the most spiritual, artistic, and poetic comprehension of writing of any zodiac sign.

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Pisces, controlled by Neptune, can charm you with literature.

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