3 Back-Building Exercises With Resistance Band

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This back workout shouldn't be neglected for more popular body parts like legs and arms. With three easy moves and a resistance band, you can strengthen your back. 

This workout just needs around 15 minutes of your time and can be done virtually any place.

In addition to looking good, improving our posture, warding off accidents, and making our daily lives easier are all benefits of working on our back strength. 

Having a stronger back also means better results from your workouts. Strong backs make weightlifting safer and easier.

The three exercises in this routine all focus on strengthening your back. Each routine consists of 12–15 repetitions of a 'row' action, which is simple and straightforward to master. 


light pull-up bands or resistance tubes with grips. Short resistance bands don't work. Aim for three or four rounds.

Upright rows

stand on your band with both feet and bring it up to shoulder height with your elbows out. Wait a moment, then slowly release and repeat.

Bent-over rows

Stand on your band with both feet, bend at the hips, lower your back, and bring the band to your belly button. Wait, release slowly, and repeat.

Seated rows

Put the band around your feet and sit on the floor. Kneel and bring the band to your chest. Wait, release gently, repeat. Stand tall.

If standing on the resistance band is too easy, tie a knot or stand on more. Increased resistance will make things harder.

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