2-IN-1 EXERCISES TO Blast Leg and Abdominal Fat

The first exercise is the squat with a twist, which involves squatting and then twisting the torso to one side before standing back up.

This exercise targets the legs, glutes, and obliques.

The second exercise is the reverse lunge with a knee lift, which involves stepping back into a lunge and then lifting the back knee up to the chest before stepping back into a standing position.

This exercise targets the legs, glutes, and core.


Both exercises can be done with or without weights.

To maximize fat loss, it is recommended to do these exercises in a circuit format, alternating between the two exercises for a set amount of time.

It is also important to maintain proper form and engage the targeted muscles throughout the exercises.

In addition to these exercises, a healthy diet and regular cardiovascular exercise can also aid in fat loss in the legs and abdomen.

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