13 Zodiac Chart Placements shows Good Luck

Numerous fortunate astrological positions in a birth chart suggest favourable karmic outcomes in several aspects of life.

Without mentioning Jupiter, astrological luck cannot be explained.

Jupiter conjuncts the sun or moon

When Jupiter forms a sextile to the sun, this is an extremely advantageous and auspicious situation.

Jupiter sextile the sun

According to Pelinku, the North Node in our birth chart directs us toward fulfilment.

Jupiter conjunct North Node

Given that Jupiter dominates Sagittarius, Monahan concludes that Jupiter is the ruler of your chart based on this placement.

Sagittarius rising

Venus is the second-luckiest planet, while Jupiter is the most fortunate.

Venus in the 1st house of self

You may be really fortunate when it comes to getting your foot in the door, being at the right place at the right moment, or fast climbing the ladder.

Venus in the 10th house of career

However, Monahan argues there is a caveat about Venus' good fortune.

Venus in Libra or Taurus

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