10 Yoga Poses Beginner Can Master

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Child Pose

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Drag your stomach to the ground while breathing in and elevating your head on your hands and knees. Cat pose.Exhale and cow. Stretch your neck, spine, and hips again.

Downward Dog

Downward dog opens the body and facilitates mobility. From a tabletop posture, plank. Lift your hips and look at your navel. Stretch from your fingers to your toes.

Upward Dog

Inverted dog. Push up while lying on your stomach. Lifting thighs and stomach stretches your back and abdominals. 

Forward Fold

 The posture stimulates the liver, kidneys, and mind. Flexible forward folds. To improve posture, grip a block, floor, or legs. Tight hamstrings and calves necessitate slightly bent knees.


Half-Forward Fold

Yoga lengthens the spine. Forward fold and half-raise start this posture. Align your spine and look forward. It stretches the spine and calves. 


Planks are for everyone, but balancing issues make them difficult. Tabletop position with feet behind hips. Align hips and back. Avoid back arches and hip lowering. Straighten up.

Mountain Pose

Mountain stance promotes stability. Open your chest, shoulders, and feet. Breathe here. It tones legs, abs, and glutes. 

Happy Baby

Happy baby embodies its name. Lay on your back and hold the outsides of your feet like a pleased baby. Happy baby realigns the spine and expands the groin and hips. 


Yoga ends with shavasana. Shavasana—corpse pose—involves lying on the ground with hands over the heart or out to the sides, eyes closed, and mind present.

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