10 ways to burn calories by cleaning your house

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Increase Intensity

Clean harder. Vacuum, sweep, and mop quicker and harder. This increases heart rate and calorie burn.


Include cardio activities in your cleaning regimen. Vacuum with lunges or squats between passes. Cleaning becomes an exercise.


Engage your core muscles. Tighten your abs when cleaning, mopping, or scrubbing. This strengthens your core and burns calories.

Use steps

Use your steps to burn additional calories. Instead of lugging everything at once, take many journeys up and down the stairs with things or cleaning materials.


Add Resistance

Increase the difficulty of your cleaning duties. Vacuum or mop with ankle or wrist weights. It boosts calorie burn and resistance.

Active breaks

Active breaks instead of sitting down. Take breaks to do jumping jacks, squats, or push-ups while cleaning. This raises heart rate and burns calories.


It burns calories and improves flexibility. Stretching pauses during cleaning help blood flow and lengthen muscles.

Clean Higher Areas

Ceilings, fans, and tall furniture need reaching and extending to clean. Cleaning higher regions uses more upper body muscles and burns more calories.

Dance and Groove

Dance while cleaning. Dance while cleaning. This makes cleaning fun and burns calories.

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