10 Walking strategies to reduce weight

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15,000 steps daily

Track your daily steps. After practicing, walking 15,000 steps a day is easy. Walking faster won't cause muscular soreness.

Take three 20-minute walks a day

Try three 20-minute walks instead of one long one. Walking 15-20 minutes after meals decreases blood sugar more than a 45-minute daily walk. Why not walk in increments?

Uphill walking

Elevated pathways tire and raise heart rate. Walking uphill increases muscle metabolism. Lean forward and rise slowly to reduce muscle tension. Slow, frequent uphill walking enhances it.

Drink green tea before walking

A faster metabolism helps burn fat. It does. Caffeine increases thermogenesis while catechins boost fat oxidation, accelerating fat loss.


Change speeds

Even our bodies hate routine. Different speeds should replace steady walking. Research shows this strategy burns 20% more calories. Walk one-minute intervals to burn calories.

Do bodyweight exercises

Walking boosts energy. Walking with bodyweight workouts is great. 15-20 squats, incline pushups, or dips boost your heart rate, making an excellent exercise.

Avoid sodas

Does Gatorade aid your workout? These drinks are bad for mild exercises. Sugary beverages provide more calories than a low-intensity workout.

Walk wisely

Walks burn fat. Parking farther from your entrance, using stairs instead of escalators, and walking whenever possible will help you reach your desired waistline.


Water speeds weight reduction, according to a research. Adding 1.5 liters of water every day burns 17,400 calories per year!

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