10-Minute Flat Belly Workout to Get Abs

The 10-minute flat belly workout is designed to help you get toned abs in just 30 days.

The workout consists of five exercises that target your core muscles.

The first exercise is the plank, which helps to strengthen your abs, back, and shoulders.

The second exercise is the bicycle crunch, which targets your obliques and lower abs.

The third exercise is the Russian twist, which works your entire core and helps to improve your balance.


The fourth exercise is the leg raise, which targets your lower abs and hip flexors.

The fifth and final exercise is the mountain climber, which helps to improve your cardiovascular fitness and works your abs and legs.

To get the most out of this workout, it's important to perform each exercise with proper form and technique.

You should aim to do this workout three times a week for best results.

In addition to this workout, it's important to maintain a healthy diet and get enough rest and recovery time.

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