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10 Men's Favorite Women's Hairstyles

Curly Hair

One man loves curly-haired women. They love natural curls. They like the bravery and sincerity of embracing natural hair texture and prefer it to straight hair.

Feathered Layers

 Feathered layers! Men like ladies with medium-length feathery layers. Hair is structured with feathered layers. Medium length is feminine and versatile.

Straight Hair

Softly curled straight hair down to the shoulder blades great for relaxed hairstyles. Men adore sensuality and tenderness of straight and wavy hair. Shoulder-length hair flows well.

Long and Loose

Men want long, flowing hair. One likes the "hair bra" style and long hair. They like hair accessories too.

Fuzzy Bun Hair

One man enjoys a woman's fluffy back hair. Unreasonably hot. They like fluffy buns or ponytails. If she's interested, they like medium-length hair.


 Brave Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are a beloved haircut for some men, but not for women. It's distinctive and gives women confidence. It also highlights a woman's face and bone structure.

Undercut Hairstyle's Edge

 The forceful and edgy undercut cuts the sides and back of the skull and leaves the top longer. Its uniqueness has made this hairstyle fashionable.

Classic Bob

 The jawline-length bob! Men think this is the sexiest hairdo for women. It's versatile and confident. They think the bob slims a woman's neck and jawline, making her more appealing.


Simple ponytails work. Men like ponytails most. Beautiful, vivacious, and low-maintenance. Ponytails highlight the face beautifully! It suits formal and relaxed clothing.

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