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Italian Pizza Recipe

    Italian Pizza Recipe

    All the information you need to produce authentic Italian pizza at home is provided in this recipe. Detailed video instructions for making pizza dough are included.

    Do you wish you could cook authentic Italian pizza in the comfort of your own home? Alex and I have been researching the science and art of making handcrafted gourmet pizza for over a decade. We’ve even been to Rome and Naples to offer you exclusive information. Are you looking for the greatest pizza crust and pizza sauce recipes? Do you want to get it exactly perfect by baking it on a pizza stone that’s been preheated to a red hot temperature? Learn all you need to know from us. C’mon, let’s prepare some authentic Italian pizza.

    To start, please define Italian pizza for me.

    First things first: define “authentic” Italian pizza. Delivery pizza in the United States is not the same as pizza in Italy. Like any other popular dish, though, Italian pizza comes in a variety of variations that are mostly determined by geographical location and preparation technique. For instance:

    • See our Rome piece for more on the famed pizza prepared by a Roman pizza cook named Bonci, who is known for his rectangular pizzas with thick dough and vivid toppings.
    • Napoli is the birthplace of pizza, and the city’s pizza dough is famously delicate and flaky. The classic pizza margherita has tangy tomatoes as its topping.

    Simply said, in our opinion, authentic Italian pizza has a thin, pliable dough, few toppings, and a quick bake at a high temperature. That’s how we characterise our Neapolitan pizza, too. Our recipe, which we’ll share with you below, is beautifully straightforward: it calls for a flaky crust, tart tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and vibrant green handmade basil pesto.

    The essentials: pizza-making equipment from Italy

    You’ll need a few specific items before you can begin preparing authentic Italian pizza. Do you have what it takes to win? Then, you’ll need these two items to produce authentic Italian pizza:

    • A pizza stone is what gives Italian pizza its signature crispy outside and chewy inside. Check out our top pick for pizza stones, along with some more information on how to take care of your pizza stone and the finest pizza stones available.
    • Using a pizza peel, transfer the pizza from the prepared baking sheet to the heated pizza stone. Use either this traditional pizza peel or this Conveyor pizza peel. To save time and effort while removing pizza from the oven, the conveyor belt is a worthwhile addition.

    Pizza dough recipe from Napoli, Italy.

    An authentic Italian pizza dough is the foundation. Alex and I spent a decade developing the ideal dough recipe. Some of the best pizza cooks in America have travelled to Naples to study the secrets of making the perfect pizza, and they’ve shared their knowledge with us. Listed below are a few suggestions:

    • When possible, invest in high-quality flour (Tipo 00). We utilise a special kind of flour called Tipo 00, which is standard at Neapolitan pizzerias. The resulting dough is gorgeous, silky, and airy. Online shopping is how we get our hands on the Tipo 00 flour. In its absence, all-purpose will do.
    • Don’t wing it; follow the instructions. Here is our tried-and-true recipe for pizza dough. We use a stand mixer, but it also works well when kneaded by hand. You may also lay out a thinner crust using our Easy Thin Crust recipe.

    Spread over some simple pizza sauce, Italian style.

    Our greatest recipe for pizza sauce goes into making this Italian pizza. It’s the finest because of the premium quality of its components and the bold taste they provide. What’s more, it can be prepared in only 5 minutes! It can be used to produce the tastiest pizza sauce ever, evocative of the pizzas found in Naples. (Or so we thought!) The following are some suggestions:

    • Mix the fire-roasted tomatoes, garlic, oregano, and salt in a blender. So long! Maximum of 5 minutes.
    • Please use fire-roasted tomatoes. Most supermarkets in the United States now stock fire-roasted tomatoes. Just use the best quality tomatoes you can locate if you can’t track them down.

    Top with a generous helping of pesto, either handmade or the finest commercial kind.

    Simple ingredients like tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and homemade pesto make up this Italian pizza dish. Astonishingly, the tastes are at their most basic. For best taste and appearance, add the pesto after baking. A few words about the pesto topping:

    • You won’t find a more vibrant shade of green than in pesto you make yourself. To make pesto, we used our Best Basil Pesto recipe. The vivid green paste is the result of blending together fresh basil leaves, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, lemon juice, and olive oil in a food processor.
    • If you’re looking for an interesting twist, try one of our alternatives. Test out our vegan cashew pesto, cashew pesto with basil and walnuts, or regular cashew pesto.
    • In its place, you might use a high-quality pesto from the shop. Even while store-bought pesto is convenient, the taste of homemade pesto is noticeably superior. The hue of store-bought pesto sauces isn’t always what it seems. Homemade pesto is your best bet for achieving the vivid green colour shown in the picture.

    This authentic Italian pizza recipe is…



    • Best Pizza Dough, 1 Ball (or Food Processor Dough or Thin Crust Dough)
    • 3 tablespoons of the Best Homemade Pizza Sauce
    • mozzarella cheese, either shredded (1/2 cup) or fresh (2-3 ounces)
    • 3.0 ounces Is Basil Cashew Pesto Better Than Regular Pesto?
    • Dusted pizza peel with semolina flour or cornmeal.


    1. Prepare the dough for the pizza by following the instructions in the Best Pizza Dough recipe. (Preparation and rest time total around 15 minutes and 45 minutes, respectively.)
    2. Pre-heat the oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and put a pizza stone inside. Either that, or fire up your pizza oven (here’s the one we use).
    3. To prepare pizza sauce, Organize the 5 Minute Pizza Sauce.
    4. Get the cheese ready: Cut fresh mozzarella cheese into 1/4-inch slices if you’d like to use it (see the photo). Some fresh mozzarella is naturally more watery than others, so if you have a particularly watery brand, you may want to let it lay on a paper towel for 15 minutes before dabbing it to remove excess moisture.
    5. Coat the pizza with sauce and bake it: When the oven is hot, sprinkle cornmeal or semolina flour on a pizza peel. (A rimless baking sheet or the back of a rimmed baking sheet may be used in place of a pizza peel if you don’t have one. However, purchasing a pizza peel is money well spent. See How to Stretch Pizza Dough for details on how to shape the dough into a circular. Carefully transfer the dough on the pizza stone.
    6. Use the back of a spoon to spread a thin coating of pizza sauce over the dough. Melt some mozzarella and mix it in. Add some coarse salt, such as kosher salt, for flavour.
    7. Carefully slide the pizza onto the hot pizza stone using the pizza peel. Put the pizza in the oven for 5–7 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and the dough is golden (or 1 minute in a pizza oven).
    8. Spread on some pesto made with basil. Immediately cut into slices and se
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